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Counselling If you are looking for a place to let your burdens down and for effective psychological counseling services, MindShaper is the place for you. Through an array of assessments, supervision and guidance from our experts, we are confident that you will find your solace with us. Our aim is to be a confidant to each of our clients. Our experts have vowed to go above and beyond to connect with each client regardless of their age and problems. We strive to be the place of comfort for our clients every passing day.
corporate counselling
Corporate Counselling The hustles and the competitiveness of our workplaces often tend to catch up with our positive mindsets and drain us off of motivation and willingness to work at all. Consequentially, we end up either working against our will or we loathe our workplace. It not only negatively impacts the business but it also negatively impacts the employee’s mental health. To eradicate that from happening, we are committed to help you navigate your career paths and work like in a strategic manner. Corporate counseling will help our clients to manage their stress level better, increase their productivity and effectiveness.

Listening At MindShaper, we treasure the smiles of our patients. If you just want someone to listen, or if you simply just want to vent out, reach out to us and we promise to listen to you. We understand, it is natural to sometimes feel like everything around you is going haywire and you just need to talk it out.
children therapy

Special Children Therapy

Every child is special. Some, a little more than the others. These extra special children require a little more of our attention, love and care. On many occasions, parents find it difficult to understand and reciprocate the needs of these special children. Which, consequently, makes the whole process exhausting for the parents and the children. We are here to help the parents understand their children better and guide them to navigate the delicate paths of raising an extra special child. We will do so by helping in shaping the mental development process of the children and maintaining a steady growth.

life coaching

Couple Counseling Couple counseling offers a safe space for partners to address issues, improve communication, and rebuild trust. With the guidance of a trained psychologist, couples can learn new skills, resolve conflicts, and nurture a healthier, more fulfilling relationship. It's a proactive step towards fostering understanding, intimacy, and resilience in partnership. By investing in their relationship and prioritizing open communication, couples can lay the foundation for a stronger, more fulfilling connection that lasts a lifetime. Our expert psychologist are there to be the bridge between you and your understanding of a nurturing and fulfilling relationship with your partner.
career counselling

Career Development For many, career is pivotal part of their lives. Either they can be on the initial stages of choosing a career path or they can have chosen a career path they no longer enjoy. In both cases, a fruitful advice and some guidance can make great difference. MindShaper can be your one-stop solution. Our experts will take information on what you from your life and what you are looking for in your career to assess and guide you accordingly. We are confident that with our help, you will be able to make better career choices.
training and workshop

Training & Workshop At MindShaper, we strive for communal well-being. Therefore, we design comprehensive and meticulously planned workshops for corporates, organizations and institutions. Be it about the stress due to workload or be it about balancing work life and personal life. We are confident, each attendee will have a valuable learning to take away from our workshops.

Psychiatry There are situations, where talking or counseling needs a little back up from certain medicines. Certain conditions happen to have a stronger hold on us and mental health than other. These conditions often end up negatively affecting our daily lives. To prevent that from happening, one might need to resort to taking medicines. It is our duty to make sure our clients are not taking unnecessary medicines but exactly the bare minimum they need.

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At MindShaper, it is one of our core goals to be prompt in catering to your needs in reshaping your mental health. The ones who will be walking with you, hand in hand in this journey, are our expert psychologists. To make sure that you are getting the help in the most professional and effective manner, we have a team of professionally trained and licensed facilitators. They have taken an oath to provide you with the best and most effective support to ascertain the ascending growth of your mental health. Start your journey with us. Choose your expert now!!

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Sadness
  • Grief/Trauma
  • OCD
  • Parenting
  • Special Needs
  • Childhood Problems
  • Teenage Crisis
  • Workplace
  • Relationships
  • Self-Esteem
  • Anxiety
  • and Others...

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Our counselors will not have any "Pre-Conceived Notions" about you, which will allow you to express yourself freely. They'll never say anything like, "Oh! You Still Do That!"


Our counselors are happy to listen to you and will not interrupt you. You will feel free to open up to our counselors and receive positive and impartial reviews.

Nonjudgmental Feedback

  • Our counselors assure you a non-judgmental attitude towards your problem.
  • You won’t feel discomfort or ashamed for your behavior or actions.
  • You can embrace your true self and feel good about it, also correct yourself.

Neutral Standpoint

  • No conflict about getting rigid viewpoints from friends and family members.
  • No pressure of making understand others and being understood.
  • Advice from a neutral standpoint of our experts.



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